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  • be able to use this service to send up to 10 free SMS text messages to any mobile phone, subject to fair use
  • be able to receive an unlimited number of text messages sent via this service
  • be expected to use this facility to evaluate PrimetexT for your business
  • be expected to provide us with feedback should you choose not to subscribe.

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  • send abusive or offensive messages
  • send unsolicited advertising content or otherwise abuse or misuse the service
  • use the service for any reason other than in the course of normal care home business operations
  • use the service for any reason other than evaluation purposes

We will ...

  • use our reasonable efforts to ensure all messages are delivered subject to the constraints imposed by the network operators
  • promptly report to the necessary authorities, any illegal or improper usage of the service
  • assist the necessary authorities with any criminal investigations
  • terminate the service should these terms and conditions be broken
  • otherwise keep all data confidential (see our privacy policy for details).

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  • share any information we receive with any third party
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