- Recruitment

Imagine you’re a construction company with 10 vacancies to fill by next week.Do you phone up every carpenter on your or your agency’s books to see if they want the job or do you use Primetext and text the details to them? One of Primetext’s customers has already sent over one million such messages. Imagine the cost saving and imagine how much easier it is for the site manager to ensure he has the right resources on site at the right time.

Primetext has partnered with Troy Software Ltd to text-enable Troy Enterprise, the very latest in enterprise-wide software solution for the recruitment industry. Designed for ubiquitous access via the Internet, WAN or LAN, all Troy Enterprise products deliver the scalability, flexibility, accessibility and performance demanded from customers in today's competitive market place.

The 'open system' design protects any investment in software by enabling users to use their existing IT infrastructure and providing seamless integration to popular third party software.

The system offers unique configuration to suit the specific needs of any business. An easy to use, front end with simple navigation makes workflow processes intuitive and user friendly.

Fully desktop and Cloud enabled, the Troy Enterprise product range covers Executive Search & Selection, Permanent, Temporary, Contract and Interim Management recruitment. Remote access to the system, together with web-site integration for publishing jobs and receiving candidate responses, is fully supported throughout the product range.

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- Broadcasting

Primetext has been involved in text-enabling companies in the broadcasting sector for over 13 years now.

Services provided include the basic web service to enable broadcasters to schedule crews and production facilities and an SMS to e-mail service for a major broadcaster’s news team to allow reporters “in the field” to communicate effectively with the studio. Messages vary from "are you available to cover ...", to "the broadcast frequencies are ... and the unit manager is ... on tel ...". So the message can contain key data that is used by the cameraman or sound engineer on the day, saving the need to transcribe and possibly miscommunicate information.



- Payroll

One of Primetext’s clients found that a significant amount of staff time was taken up dealing with calls from weekly paid employees who wanted to know when they were being paid and how much! Using the Primetext solution the payroll department is now able to text all their employees with that information every week and the time saved can be applied to improving the service they offer.

This is an automated service whereby the payroll application software generates a file containing the payroll details that is securely transmitted to Primetext for delivery as a text message.



- Residential Care Homes

Care homes can benefit operationally and cost-effectively by adding SMS to their communications capability. It is especially relevant for staff communications and to contact patients' families.

Managers can quicky and easily communicate rota availability, rota changes and assign individual tasks, reducing the time spent making telephone calls. Where there are procedure changes or urgent updates a message can be sent to multiple staff immediately saving significant time and effort - especially important for time-critical information.

Staff can communicate with families without revealing their personal contact information.

Primetext is currently supporting the care home sector during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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For residents' families SMS provides an easy, effective way to send updates and arrange appointments. It is also particularly effective for sending to multiple family groups, for example information about events, open days and news.

The 2-way capabilities of Primetext mean that staff are not tied to the 'phone responding to requests from patient families, particularly important in busy periods.

- Office communications

There are a number of specific characteristics of SMS text messaging which make it particularly useful for business communication and a number of benefits which companies can accrue from licensing the Primetext solution.

  • A text message is permanent, so it saves taking notes – it’s with the person all the time so they can refer back to it.
  • If the message contains a telephone number, in a text message it can be dialled without re-keying – a time saver for the recipient
  • Sending to a group of recipients is no more complicated or time consuming than sending to one.
  • The sender receives a confirmation that the message has been received, so no more "didn't you get my voicemail?" conversations.
  • Text messaging is much more tolerant of bad or noisy lines.

Put simply because it meets the needs of a wide range of organisations in a cost effective manner. Primetext has divided the business benefits into 5 areas.

  • It’s based on proven technology
  • It’s simple to set up and use
  • It’s fast
  • It’s flexible
  • It’s cost effective



- Patient appointments

The incredible pace of change in mobile communications technology offers the potential for significant improvements in citizen interface while realising cost saving and performance improvement for UK Public sector organisations. But efficiently harnessing this potential to deliver savings and performance improvement remains a challenge for all public sector organisations. To help clients address this challenge Primetext is working with a number of NHS Trusts by providing administration and clinical staff access to SMS services, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs. SMS services delivered include:

Staff rostering - particularly in contact to staff establishing availability to cover for absent staff

Internal communication - delivery of management information and staff communications

Emergency response - integration with emergency response systems to deliver automatically generated mesages in response to 999 calls

Appointment reminders - reduction in no-shows

SMS can significantly reduce the number of outpatient, GP and Nurse "Did Not Attends" (DNAs), or missed appointments by sending patients automated reminders via text message in advance of their appointment, thus ensuring the number of DNAs due to human error are minimised. Patients will have the option to respond to cancel or request a change of appointment, freeing up these otherwise wasted slots for other patients. The patients most likely to forget, or not bother, to turn up for appointments fall within the 16 to 35 age group. By a lucky coincidence people in this age group are heavy users of mobile phones and text messaging. This is one reason why text message based reminder systems have been successful from day one. Text messaging can also overcome the language and cultural barriers with automated reminder and tailored information messages delivered in the most appropriate language. The core Primetext platform can be accessed by clients in a number of ways:

  • a web-based interfac
  • email to SMS
  • direct interfaces to existing systems

Each of these is being used successfully by NHS Trusts, depending on their particular needs. We also import data for Trusts in several formats and provide automated audit data where required.